April 2019 marked the beginning of the season for many mountain peaks across the world – with Mt. Everest being the most popular. Here’s a short overview of all the events that occurred in April 2019.


Fallen climber saved by trainee rescue officers

Photo by Pixabay

A young woman fell while climbing Little Mount Si, in King County, Washington on 20th April 2019. King County Search and Rescue officers who were training at the site came to her aid and were able to get her down safely. Read more here.

UAAA team summits Mt. Paldor

Photo by Florian Maderebner

A team of mountaineers from Nepal, Mongolia, and Korea have recently completed an expedition to Mt. Paldor, near Kathmandu, Nepal. The expedition was carried out in favour of the 25th anniversary of the Union of Asian Alpine Association(UAAA) this year. Read more here.


Amateur climbing team summits peak in Myanmar

Photo by Pixabay

An amateur team of climbers have reached the summit of Mt. Phangran Razi on 12th April 2019. Apart from the death of one of their team members, who fell into a ravine and was unable to be rescued, the remaining team members have returned safe and sound. Read more here.




CLIF Bar ties up with GB Climbing Team

Photo by Sam Johnson

CLIF Bar, one of the UK’s most popular brands in the sports nutrition industry, has agreed to become the official nutritional supplier of Great Britain’s Climbing Team. They shall also be the sponsors of the La Sportiva BMC British Bouldering Championships in Sheffield, and the IFSC European Championships in Edinburgh for the year of 2019. Read more here.


The Dolomites’ annual festival is here!

Photo by Pixabay

This year’s annual climbing festival in the Dolomite range of mountains will be kicking off from 24th May 2019. Known as one of Europe’s most popular climbing festivals, The Dolorock Festival allows participants to engage in activities such as climbing routes, and watching popular films in the climbing industry. Read more here.


Nat Geo sets up weather stations in the Himalayas

Photo by Prakash Aryal

The Nepalese government has permitted the National Geographic Society to set up approximately 5 weather stations on the slopes of Mount Everest. These weather stations will help determine the weather conditions more efficiently and will be of significant help to scientists in their research.  Read more here.


Mt Everest’s new eco-toilets

Photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Mount Everest is all set to have eco-toilets on its slopes! The Chinese Govt has planned to build several toilets at elevations of 5200 to 7028 metres above sea level for this year’s climbing season. These toilets shall be removed when the season has ended. Read more here.



Mt Gyalzen’s virgin ascent


Photo by Pixabay


Maya Gurung, Sharmlia Thapa, and Milan Tamang have successfully climbed Mt. Gyalzen. This is the first ascent on this particular peak, which is located in the region of the Annapurna National Park. Read more here.


Climbers banned from Grampians National Park

Photo by Martin

Parks Victoria have moved to ban climbers from Grampians National Park, near Melbourne in order to preserve Aboriginal art. It is said that about 90% of Aboriginal Art in Australia’s south eastern regions is contained in the Grampians Park. The park is also home to one of the world’s best rock climbing destinations. Officials deemed the ban necessary since there are still new discoveries of rock art, even in today’s age. Read more here.


Moonshadow: Zion National Park’s newest route

Photo by Samuel Weirich

Zion National Park’s canyon has a new route: Moonshadow. It was established by Jeremy Collins, and Jarod Sickler in April 2019. Located to the right of one of Zion’s most famous climbs, the Moonlight Buttress, this new route is approximately 300m long. Read more here.


Kamikochi opens up for 2019 season

Photo by Pixabay

Kamikochi plateau, is one of Japan’s most well sought areas for climbing acitivities. The regions leads to Mt. Yari, and the Hotaki range. The season for climbing has recently opened in April 2019, and will remain open until 15 November 2019. Read more here.




Renowned climbers perish in Banff National Park


Photo by Pixabay

Jess Roskelley, David Lama, and Hansjörg Auer,  3 renowned climbers, have been found dead in Banff National Park in Canada. They were hit by an avalanche while returning from a successful summit of Howse Peak. Read more here.


Korea’s DMZ to be a popular hiking destination

Photo by Pixabay

South Korea is moving to build hiking trails in the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) that exists between North and South Korea. The 250 kilometre long zoe will have 3 trails built in their Western, Central and Eastern parts. Hikers may be required to undergo strict safety measures such as wearing helmets and bulletproof vests to avoid casualties along the border. Interested participants may look for more information here


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